Callie (Mother)

Current Puppies 

Callie & Eli had 6 puppies on 02/06/21. 

Ready for new homes on 04/03/21.

These puppies should be non-shedding and hypoallergenic. They are expected to weigh between 20 and 30 lbs. Both parents are tested from Embark and free of all genetic diseases. They are expected to be very intelligent and easy to train and will likely make excellent therapy or service dogs.

All of our puppies are

  • Raised on puppy health protocol - Dewormed every 2 weeks and shots at 6-8 weeks

  • Early socialization program and neurological stimulation

  • Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test

  • Raised around kids of all ages

  • Start potty training at 4 weeks

  • Have an established feeding and potty routine

  • Come with 1 year Health guarantee against all genetic diseases (copies of parent's health tests can be provided)

  • Lifetime breeder support

  • Come with a strict spay/neuter contract

  • Puppy Pack: Collar, blanket that smells like their mother, Certificate of adoption, shots/deworming documentation

  • Microchip on request  - extra fee

Eli (Father)

F1B Mini Goldendoodle

F1 Teddy Bear Blue Merle Mini Goldendoodle

5 Girls and 1 Boy



Giselle                                          Female

Birth Weight: 6 oz 

Estimated Full Grown weight:  20-30 lbs 


Apricot Wavy coat                         



Darth                                              male

Birth Weight: 5.5 oz 

Estimated Full Grown weight:  25-35 lbs 


Black very curly coat                     



Serena                                          Female

Birth Weight: 8.5 oz 

Estimated Full Grown weight:  20-30 lbs 


Black wavy/straight coat              


Lucy                                              FEmale

Birth Weight: 9.5 oz 

Estimated Full Grown weight:  25-35 lbs 


Apricot Curly coat                         



ETHEL                                            Female

Birth Weight: 11 oz 

Estimated Full Grown wt:  25-35 lbs

Wavy/straight Chocolate Merle Coat                                                            $3500                        



LuVerne                                        FEmale

Birth Weight: 9 oz 

Estimated Full Grown weight:  20-30 lbs 


Cream wavy with potential to be curly coat                                                

No Shelter Puppy Policy

At Elevation Doodles we realize that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances some families can no longer keep their dog. In this instance we are here to help. We NEVER want any of the dogs we sell going into a shelter! We will always take back any dog that we sell or help the owners find a new home.

Please message us at or call us at 719.204.3546 if interested in a puppy.