Waiting list

We are accepting non-refundable $300 deposits to be on the waiting list for your future family member. This $300 will be applied to the final cost of the puppy. Due dates for puppies are estimated. If a specific color, size or breed of puppy is desired, please specify that on your puppy application along with the approximate desired time frame for when you'd like to take the puppy home. You can change your mind about these details later if desired. We will confirm when we receive your deposit to reserve your puppy spot. All puppies are sold as pets only.

The puppies will be chosen by families in the order of the waiting list. We have a First come, first served policy based on the waiting list. if an unforeseen event or health issue arises (which is rare) which later limits the availability of a puppy, we will honor the order of the waiting list.  For example, if you are #3 on the list, you will get 3rd choice of puppy. If something happens to the puppy you chose, you would then be allowed to pick from puppies that have been chosen after you (#4, #5, etc). If this happens and there is no longer a puppy available for you, you will have the number one pick for the upcoming litter or have your $300.00 deposit returned to you if you do not want to wait for the upcoming litter.

We will contact all individuals on the waiting list in the order of their deposit within the first 48 hours of the puppies being born. If the color/size of puppy you desire is not available in this litter, then we will roll over your deposit to the next litter of puppies. All puppies must be chosen by 5 weeks of age unless otherwise specified. If you have been notified of a new litter and we do not hear back from you by the time the puppies are 14 days old, we will assume you would like to wait for another upcoming litter and we will move to the next person on that respective waiting list. The waiting list will always dictate the order of which puppies are chosen. 

Mini Goldendoodles

Expected Around March 2021

1. Breeder's Choice - may be forfeited

2. Charlotte M. - Female (red, apricot or brown)

3. Jessica H. - Male, red or apricot

4. Kate D. - Any

5. Jeff B. - Any gender (Red, apricot, or cream)

6. Kaylee K. - Apricot Female but will consider others 


Please note anyone below this Line has an increased probability of having  to wait until our next litter in late 2021

7. Samantha G. - Female, any color. 

8. Debbie, Shawn and Jack E. - Small apricot/golden or black/white female

9. Venise S. - No preference on gender or color.

Mini Whoodles

Expected Late 2020

1. Breeder's Choice - may be forfeited

2. Brette K. - Female

3. Norman H. - Any

4. Patty & Bill F. - Smallest female

5. Katie B. - Boy, but girl ok too. Light or mixed coat color. 

6. Paula B. - Small Female, wheaten color. 

7. Samantha G. - Female, any color. 

8.Carolyn P. - Any gender, mixed-colored, large in size. 

9. Kevin & Amber M. - Any gender and any color.

10. Christi I. - Any color or gender

11. Christa K. - Any


Micro mini Goldendoodles

Expected around March 2021

1. Breeder's Choice 

2. Giana D. - Male, Red, apricot or brown (smallest)

3. Jason B. - small Female.

4. Christi I. - Any color or gender

5. Alayna V. - Male preferred, but any ok. Any color. 

6. Jenna F. - Male, Any color