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Pepper on blanket

Pepper is a beautiful blue merle F1b mini Goldendoodle. Her coat is very thick and is made up of loose curls. She has gorgeous long eyelashes.


She was the runt of her litter but is now full grown at 24  lbs. 

She has a playful personality and loves to be with humans and other animals. She loves to cuddle. It takes her no time at all to warm up to a new environment. She goes to work with her Mom at an Assisted living facility where she entertains the seniors. 

She is hypoallergenic and has been cleared of all genetic diseases tested through Embark. 

Pepper (F1b Mini Goldendoodle)

Pepper in bed
Pepper in car
Puppy Pepper
Pepper as a puppy
Pepper young

Pepper as a Puppy

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