Waiting list - No availability

Since we are a small family breeder, we have decided to not take any other deposits for the waiting list. We will be shutting down our waiting lists. After fulfilling our current waiting lists, we will be selling future puppies as they are born. We will update our website with information about future and current litters. Please stay tuned to our website or feel free to contact us for any questions. 

Mini Goldendoodles

Expected Around February 2021

1. Breeder's Choice 

2. Charlotte M. - Female (red, apricot or brown)

3. Jessica H. - Male, red or apricot

4. Jeff B. - Any gender (Red, apricot, or cream)

5. Debbie, Shawn and Jack E. - Small apricot/golden or black/white female

6. Venise S. - No preference on gender or color.

Mini Whoodles

Expected around May 2021

1. Breeder's Choice - may be forfeited

2. Brette K. - Female

3. Norman H. - Any

4. Patty & Bill F. - Smallest female

5. Katie B. - Boy, but girl ok too. Light or mixed coat color. 

6. Paula B. - Small Female, wheaten color. 

7. Carolyn P. - Any gender, mixed-colored, large in size. 

8. Kevin & Amber M. - Any gender and any color.

9. Christa K. - Any

Micro mini Goldendoodles

Expected around March 2021

1. Breeder's Choice 

2. Giana D. - Male, Red, apricot or brown (smallest)

3. Jason B. - small Female.

4. Alayna V. - Male preferred, but any ok. Any color. 

5. Jenna F. - Male, Any color


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