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Cooper (male)- Mini Whoodle - $2500

Cooper is one of 9 boys in this litter of Mini Whoodles. He was average in size in comparison with his littermates at birth weighing in at 10.5 oz. At 6 weeks of age he is the third smallest male in the litter at 66 ozs. 

He is dark sable in color with a few white hairs on his chest. 

Cooper's personality testing shows that he has an excellent balance of traits. His has a calm but confident demeanor. He is not easily startled by new sights or sounds and acclimates well to new environments. He is rarely seen without his tail wagging. He is noted to be submissive in some situations while displaying stronger leadership tendencies in others. He will make a great puppy for first or second time dog owners.

He is available for pickup in Colorado Springs after 2/17/22. Shipping options available.


Six weeks old


Four weeks old


One week old

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