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Olive Micro Mini Whoodle

Micro mini Whoodles

Expected around late July of 2024.

Olive (Micro Mini Whoodle - 13 lbs)


Sir Henry (AKC registered Mini Poodle - 17 lbs)

Sire Henry Mini Poodle
Amelia Micro mini Goldendoodle

Toy/Micro mini goldendoodles

Expected around late July of 2024

Amelia (F1b micro mini Goldendoodle - 15 lbs)


Amos (Toy Poodle - 7 lbs)

Maggie Wheaten terrier

mini Whoodles

Next Litter planned around August 2024

This will be one of Maggie's final litters of puppies before she retires!

Maggie (AKC registered Wheaten Terrier)


Sir Henry (AKC registered Mini Poodle)

Sire Henry Mini Poodle
Sydney Teacup Yorkiepoo

Teacup Yorkie poo

Expected around January 2025

Sydney (Yorkie poo

- 6 lbs)


To be determined


Micro Mini Whoodles

Expected to be born around February 2025 

Rosie (Brindle Micro Mini Whoodle

- 19 lbs)


Fortune (Blue merle phantom Mini Poodle - 12 lbs)

Fortune pic 2.jpeg
Viola Toy Poodle

Toy/Micro Mini Goldendoodles

Expected around March/April of 2025

Viola (AKC registered Toy Poodle

- 8 lbs)


Samuel (F1b Micro mini Goldendoodle - 12 lbs)

Lilly Mini Goldendoodle

Mini Goldendoodles

Expected around July/August 2025

Lilly (Mini Goldendoodle)


Augustus (Mini Poodle)


Teacup Goldendoodles

Expected around May of 2025

Rizzoli (Teacup Goldendoodle

- 8 lbs)


To be Determined

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