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Rosie (F1 Micro Mini Whoodle)


Rosie is from our own line of Whoodles. She is a first generation (50% soft coated Wheaten Terrier and 50% Poodle) Whoodle. At 19 lbs full grown, she was the smallest in her litter. She has the gorgeous square face and shoulders as well as the silky/soft coat of a Wheaten terrier but with the teddy bear fluff of a Poodle. Her hair is wavy and brindle colored with a variety of browns, silvers, and whites mixed into her coat. She is both beautiful in markings and personality. Her favorite hobbies include cuddling with her humans, playing in water, and playing chase with the other dogs. Both of her parents are AKC registered. She has tested clear of all genetic abnormalities via Embark Genetic testing. 

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