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Finnegan Micro mini Goldendoodle

Finnegan - Micro Mini Goldendoodle 

Finnegan is our beautiful abstract red Micro Mini Goldendoodle. At 15 lbs he is the perfect size for cuddling or hiking. He is a gentle soul who makes great eye contact when spoken to. He is the son of our retired Toy Poodle named Charlie and stud Nacho, so he carries genes for reds and partis. 

He has a white stripe from his chin to his chest. He also has white on his hind paws.

He has been genetic tested by Embark and cleared.


Finnegan haircut
Finnegan with hat
Finnegan with hat 2
Finnegan laying down
Finnegan with hat 3
Finnegan with hat 4
Finnegan with hat 5
Finnegan with hat 6
Finnegan boy scout
Finnegan with hat 7
Finnegan with hat 8

Finn at Four weeks old

Finn as a puppy next to house
Finnegan puppy

Finn at Three weeks old

Baby Finn
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