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Golden Doodles: Variety at its best

Standard, mini, micro-mini, blue merle, parti, red, black, golden or brown, curly, wavy, and so much more: golden doodles offer the sweetest bundle of variations in size, coat type and color. Some of these terms describing their physical features may be familiar while others may be completely new to you. No fear, we are here to fully explain these physical features so you can join us in celebrating the absolute beauty and variety in goldendoodles.


Standard: 50 to 90 lbs.

Medium: 35-50 lbs.

Miniature: 20 to 35 lbs.

Micro mini: 10 to 20 lbs.



It isn’t uncommon to have beautiful solid white, cream, silver, red, chocolate, apricot, golden or black golden doodles. As you can see in the picture below, Eli (a sir in our breeding program) and Charlie are both beautiful solid red golden doodles.

Blue Merle:

Our lovely female named Callie is a perfect example of the beautiful blue merle coat. Blue merle is a combination of silver, black and white. Breeding with a blue merle typically produces an incredible variety of colors. Below are pictures of Callie and a stunning litter of multi colored puppies she produced. One of our sirs, Sir Henry, is also pictured below.


The parti coat is characterized by at least 50% white coat in combination with another color such as brown, black, chocolate, silver, etc. Below is a picture of Amelia, our parti female golden doodle.


Hank, one of Callie and Eli’s offspring, happens to be a sable. Interestingly enough, sable puppies are born dark, typically chocolate or black. With age, their hair lightens and grows out to reveal a new color.


Phantom coat coloring is a combination of two different colors. The dominant color is accented by unique markings of the secondary color sometimes on the paws, around the snout, above the eyes or on the chest.


An abstract coat contains less than 50% white in combination with any other colors. One such example is our handsome male, Finn.

Coat Textures:




Now that you have fully been captivated by the wonderful assortment of golden doodle features, sign up to get your own heart-melting doodle from Elevation Doodles.

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