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Ralph, ready to play and cuddle with you! - SOLD

Updated: May 8, 2021

From the moment you see his cartoon-like big black nose and his animated personality, you will love Ralph. He is initially cautious in new situations, but he very quickly warms up and is ready to play. He absolutely loves playing with balls. Undoubtedly, he is intelligent as noted by his ability to learn and adapt quickly. Also, he is doing very well in potty training. He is a mini goldendoodle. Appearance wise, he has a golden red fluffy coat. His coat has more of a wire appearance, but is soft to the touch. Ralph loves people and dogs alike and will definitely bring fun and joy to his forever home. He is in Colorado Springs and ready to share his fun and love with you. Ralph is for sale at the price of $2,800.

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2 comentarios

How old is Ralph? What type of dog is he?

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He is almost 6 months old and is a mini goldendoodle.

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