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Elevation Doodles Puppy Training

(Included in Puppy Price)

Neurostimulation Training

The neonatal stage is when puppies are just born and lasts until they are about 13 days of age.  From 1 to 3 days, you can start dramatically improve a puppy’s chance to be a stable, resilient adult dog with a great immune system, but it must start in the earliest days.  The process for doing this takes the first couple of weeks and is called Early Neurological Stimulation.  If you are going to invest in a puppy, make sure whomever whelped the litter you are interested in is doing this because we know that this will improve the likelihood of your puppy having a successful adult life.  If your breeder has no idea what you are talking about, you can direct them to  I am willing to pay more for a puppy who has had the benefit of this procedure because the science on this is very clear; it develops brains that are as much as ten percent larger and immune systems that are significantly healthier, as well as better resilience.  Better resilience means that your pup will tolerate handling better, will tolerate frightening situations better and will come back to baseline faster when frightened.  They also learn more effectively in my experience.

Early Therapy dog training

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Early Agility training

While the high impact agility training has to come later in life after your puppy has grown, we are able to initiate flatwork, tunnel training, and even target training to make future agility training easier.

One of the newest expansions of our training program now includes flatwork and tunnel training to help train each puppy's proprioception skills and improving their future potential for higher impact agility training later in life. 

Early Scent Introduction

Early Scent Introduction (ESI) is a training program for puppies designed to enhance their ability to identify, and react to, specific scents. Starting at day 3-16, we introduce a strong scent to the puppy for brief intervals, and record the puppy’s reaction. ESI has several benefits—improved confidence and stability, greater nose awareness, and more adaptive to change. 

Early Scent Introduction (ESI) is a procedure we do that helps puppies with their nose awareness and confidence. It enhances their ability to identify and react to scents. Similar to Early Neurological Stimulation, ESI is introduced at days 3-16 of a puppies life and is very benefical for their development.

This procedure creates a more aware and alert dog, which in return makes an even better companion, service, and therapy dog. Many times with therapy and early service dog training, the dog’s scent abilities are a characteristic that is required. Studies have shown that stimulating puppies scent ability early on has been proven to dramatically increase their scent ability later in life. 

Intensive Socialization

Teaching a puppy positive socialization at an early age is crucial to creating a well-balanced dog. Our puppies are handled and played with on a daily basis with adults, children, grandparents, and other animals. 

As soon as puppies start opening their ears (around 2 weeks of age) we start sound training. We live in a world full of loud, new and unusual sounds. All of these sounds our dogs will encounter—from noises inside the home (such as the vacuum or dishwasher), to environments such as the dog parks (birds chirping or dogs barking), and the outside world (traffic, storms, fireworks). Teaching a puppy to be comfortable with all sorts of sounds is key to having a well-balanced and behaved dog. You can learn more about how we sound train on our blog as well as see our Spotify playlist.

Crate Training

We recognize that one of the biggest difficulties of bringing a new puppy home is with the sleep loss that usually brings. That's why we do as much of the hard work for you as possible. As soon as the puppies are weaned, we introduce them to crates together and graduate them to their own crates before they go to their new homes. Through our own custom developed crate training protocol, the majority of the puppies in our program sleep at least a full 6 hours before having to go out for potty time. 

Breeding Program

We raise our puppies the Badass Breeder way, which focuses on building the foundation for therapy and service dog training as well as a lifelong loyal companion. This curriculum starts your dog on the right foot from the day they are born.

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