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Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Lewis, Mini Golden Doodle: SOLD

Lewis is a gentle soul with a heart that is loving and loyal to the humans and dogs around him. His uniqueness shines through his kind and intelligent personality. This will make him an incredible companion, easy to train, and easy to fall in love with. He would be an excellent candidate for a therapy dog.

He is an apricot colored puppy with white wisps of hair throughout his wavy coat. His color and his long snout gives him more of a golden retriever appearance.

His estimated adult weight is 25-35 lbs. and he is 12 weeks old. He will be available for pick up in Colorado Springs May 21st for the price of $2,800. Lewis pictured below.

Ross, Mini Golden Doodle: SOLD

Ross is a vibrant red mini golden doodle, with wavy, silky hair and a big black nose. He is incredibly loyal and loves to be around humans. His favorite activity is being right at the side of his humans. He has been well socialized and is being crate trained. He is energetic and playful and would do well on long hikes alongside of his forever family. Ross is already microchipped as well.

His expected adult weight is 35-40 lbs. and he is 13 weeks old. He will be available for sale in Colorado Springs starting May 21st for the price of $2,700. Ross pictured below.

Miles, Mini Golden Doodle: SOLD

Miles is a classic fluffy teddy bear golden doodle. He has a wavy apricot coat, big beautiful paws and a cute short snout. He is especially playful with other dogs and is eager to share kisses and cuddles when he is being held. He will be a wonderful bundle of fun for his forever family.

His expected adult weight is 30 to 40 lbs and he is 21 weeks old. He will be available for pick up in Colorado Springs May 21st for the price of $3500.

Theo, Mini Golden Doodle:

Theo is a mini golden doodle with big puppy eyes and short legs that will melt your heart. He is playful with other dogs, but he mostly has a calm demeanor. He is very intelligent as evident by his attention to his surroundings and his progress in potty training. Any family would be incredibly fortunate to be the recipients of his love.

His expected adult weight is 20-25 lbs. and he is 13 weeks old. He will be available in Colorado Springs for pick up on May 21st for the price of $3500. Theo pictured below.

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Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Romeo, as his name suggests, will completely steal your heart. He quickly warms up and will melt into your arms. He loves sharing kisses and is a very playful puppy. He is currently being crate trained and plays well with other dogs. He LOVES playing in water and taking car rides! Romeo will be a source of pure cuddles and fun to his forever family.

He is a mini goldendoodle that will grow to an expected weight of 35-40 lbs. He is 11 weeks old and is available now in Colorado Springs for the price of $2800.

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Updated: May 8, 2021

Pippie is an energetic, curious and attentive mini goldendoodle. She loves to play but she also enjoys slowing down to be cradled and cuddled. Her coat is a beautiful dark red with soft waves. She responds well to verbal praise, which will make her moldable and teachable. She is in Colorado Springs and is ready to join her forever family. Pippie is for sale for the price of $2,700.

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