LuVerne (female) - Mini goldendoodle 


LuVerne was the sixth and last puppy born in this litter. She was average in size at time of birth weighing in at 9 oz but is the second smallest puppies in the litter now. She weighed 71 oz at six weeks of age.

She is currently the lightest puppy in the litter and is cream on her body with darker ears and face but with a white spot on her forehead. She also has a white chin.

She currently has a curly coat but this may change to a more wavy coat as she gets older. She is little but mighty and was the first puppy in the litter to open her eyes. She also seems to be the most athletic in the litter. She is curious but docile. 

She is doing well with Neurostimulation  training.  

Six weeks old


Three weeks old


One week old